Bergamo Giardini e Dimore


This site is designed as a first showcase for give a space to gardens and historical houses, still owned by descendants of those who made them build - or that they have owned for generations.

A private universe that is available on offering multiple possibilities for see these spaces  through visits, cultural itinerary, lunch and dinner with the hosts who tell the story of their homes making you a unique experience of its kind.

Patronage and love collecting make the Bergamo hystorical houses unexpected places of knowledge of ancient traditions. Their visit bring you  to retrace the highlights of the artistic history of the city and beyond.

Openness to new fashions and renewal stratified in the passing of generations merges these dwellings tradition with elegance and sobriety.

Frescoed halls or galleries, dining rooms and rooms devoted to study, read or talk show on the walls the works of artists such as Moroni and Bassano,Hackert or Tallone.

Family portraits, local landscapes or distant lands, still life, bambocciate furnishings tell the story of the taste of the past centuries and make these houses and their gardens the perfect place to organize events designed specifically to fit your needs .