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Palazzo Agliardi opens its doors: from the stables to the frescoed rooms of TIZIANA Sallese

L'Eco di Bergamo - Saturday, April 11, 2015


The ancient building of the Counts, in via Pignolo, is open until June. The special opening decided in conjunction with the exhibition of Palma, the inauguration of the Accademia Carrara and the Expo. Is on the occasion of these three events that you can book a lunch or a dinner with a special menu in the sumptuous halls of the palace. "We had groups of Americans - tell the Counts Agliardi - that have come in the past and they told us it was an unforgettable experience and the best part of their trip. A couple of people, after being with us for only two hours between visit and lunch, have written to us for years Christmas greetings "

Walking through the frescoed halls, a roof garden in full bloom in spring and a stable that , for size and style, is an architectural jewel. We're not talking about a remote castle in the lost moorland, but about a mansion of "our house". Palazzo Agliardi, in the historical borough of Pignolo, opens extraordinarily its doors until the end of June.

"We decided this special opening to offer a plus to all who will visit Bergamo. - explains Carolina Agliardi - In this period, in fact, we have an unique coincidence of events : the reopening of the Accademia Carrara, the first major retrospective of Palma il Vecchio and, not least, the Universal Exhibition in Milan.

"That our town should be more valued in terms of the tourist attractiveness is advocated by time and by many people, the opening of Palazzo Agliardi is a concrete step in this direction: "It is necessary a change of mentality - underlines Carolina Agliardi - to build a process in which everyone, including private, play their part. In this case we moved thinking about the importance of let reviving the borough of Pignolo which is the link between Upper and Lower Town.

A perfect itinerary that from Colle Aperto runs through the Upper Town, gets down in via Pignolo, continues in Via Tasso, passing through the Sentierone and arrives in Piazza Pontida ".

In other words, the tourists arriving in Bergamo can enjoy this itinerary that leads them to the discovery of evolution that has affected the city in the time: "There is a strong disconnection between the Upper Town, which is lived by tourists, and Lower Town which is animated by the people of Bergamo. It will be a good thing that people coming from outside will be able to know also the other side of Bergamo, which offers shopping, but even culture with  Donizetti theatre, the museum of Accademia Carrara, and the University.

"To give more strength to this and other projects in program, the owners of some historical houses on our territory have decided to network and team play: "Together with Palazzo Moroni, Luogo Pio Colleoni, Malpaga Castle and Villa Pesenti Agliardi we introduce ourselves as tour of historical houses – explains Carolina Agliardi -. We experienced that the teamwork and collaboration increases the visibility and the potential of the initiatives. The idea of reviving the spaces of our building is also born from the desire to offer not just the classic visit to a museum, but rather a living experience. "


On the occasion of the exhibition dedicated to Palma il Vecchio it will be possible to have lunch or dinner with a special menu: "We always set up a table when we do visit our home, this is very appreciated and makes dream. We also offer to groups the opportunity to be a guest in our home for lunch or dinner just to revive ancient atmospheres. We had groups of Americans - remember the Countess Agliardi - that have come in the past and they told us it was an unforgettable experience and the best part of their trip. A couple of people, after being with us for only two hours between visit and lunch, have written to us for many years a Christmas card, this to demonstrate how the human warmth is an element that gives soul to our homes. People want to know how is life in these homes, who lived there, who was hosted. " Palazzo Agliardi was built in the sixteenth century by Alessandro Martinengo, nephew of Bartolomeo Colleoni. He chose via Pignolo because it was the street that led to Venice and where many other families of nobles and merchants decided at that time to build their palaces. In '700, the building was largely rebuilt: there is a large frescoed room by C. I. Carloni, flanked by four rooms also painted and decorated with important furniture. The hall is connected to an impressive roof garden and to the stables. In 1845 it was bought by the Counts Agliardi, still the owners: "Visiting a historic house you can immediately understand if the house still has the" soul "because it is lived or not. In our house you can also rent the halls for events and allow Bergamo companies to impress their foreign customers with an unique environments in the world. It is this atmosphere, that you can find in a lived house, the plus that we offer. Do not forget the opportunities offered by Expo to give visibility to the beauties of our city: "For Expo, on Como Lake  - reminds Carolina Agliardi - starred chefs organize elegant evenings in historic houses, the combination of exclusive  and elegant places with good kitchen creates unforgettable evenings. Hopefully someone wants to do it also in Bergamo historic houses . " For more information on Palazzo Agliardi and other historic homes please visit



Palma, invitation to the palace by DONATELLA TIRABOSCHI / Corriere della Sera - Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The events more than the exhibition - Art and Architecture, recipes and tailors workshops that take back to the times of the Serenissima and Jacopo Negretti

Opening of historical houses, fashion shows and dinners with menus inspired by the Master of Serina

Not only art but architecture and costume. There are many ways to tell the story, in a plot that, in the name of Palma il Vecchio, will let people discover, from 14 March to 28 June, some of Bergamo and surroundings historical houses. An open door, or rather "open gates" able to surprise even the same citizen of Bergamo, that - even in a single visit, without the need to agree to an organized group - will be able to discover what it is hidden behind the walls, apparently anonymous, which line the city streets.

To begin, very close to Gamec. Via Pignolo, where at the number 86, rises Palazzo Agliardi. Contemporary of Palma, the building has passed through the centuries with a story that will be possible to know with visits for individual (every week until June 28, from Tuesday to Friday at 4 P.M. and Saturday and Sunday at 4 P.M. and 5,15 P.M., ticket for adults 8 euro and for children aged 6 to 14 years it is 5 euro), but it is also possible to enjoying a lunch or a dinner with the "Palma menu" (this however for groups of minimum 40 people).

And always to Counts Agliardi belongs another prestigious historical house , Villa Pesenti - Agliardi in Sombreno of Paladina, where in the neoclassical project of the building and of the garden, you can see the architectural genius of Leopoldo Pollack. The visits are made on group bookings (if less than 15 people in the flat rate is 135 €, entry for adults is 9 euro and for childerns is 6 euro) and in these halls it is possible to organize elegant dinners . Coming back to town, Palazzo Moroni, via Porta Dipinta 12, it is ready to reveal itself with its masterpieces of Lombard paintings from Moroni to Luini, in the kaleidoscope of the halls with evocative names: the Golden Age, the Giants, Apotheosis of Hercules. Individual visits may be done every Sunday at 3 P.M. (admission € 6 adults and 3 children). Staying in the Upper Town, it is worth visiting the Luogo Pio Colleoni, in Corsarola street (via Colleoni 11), which, with its rooms decorated, can be an unexpected historical surprise (the old building will be open free, every Saturday from 2 P.M. to 6 P.M. and Sundays from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M.).

The carousel of historical houses closes in beauty with Malpaga Castle, that to make magic the visit to the ancient manor has chosen to  invest on fashion. The one of Palma characters , of course.

The clothes of ladies and knights of the time, will be the subject of the educational workshop for children aged 3 to 12 years, that is proposed every Sunday at 4 P.M. They will create patterns and wear clothes and small jewelry (cost 5 euros, while for adults the ticket of the tour is 7 euro). For the historical Colleoni residence, has already begun the season of openings: until 30 November, every Saturday from 2 P.M. to 6 P.M. 



Houses to love by ROSANNA Scardi | Corriere della Sera – Saturday, September 6, 2014.


Contemporary decorative objects and scenes made of lights and scents interpret the history and contaminate marble, mirrors and antique furniture.

Five personality of architecture interpret the historic houses of Bergamo that for four Sundays open their doors to visitors (September 7 to 28, tickets 8 €, reduced 5, from 10.30 to 12.30 and from 14.30 to 18, 30). "Dimore e Design" returns this year to highlight the architectural heritage of the city, often unknown to the citizens, exalted by the most daring creations. This is Villa Grismondi Finardi, Palazzo Terzi, Palazzo Agliardi, Palazzo Moroni, and, new to this edition is Casa Trussardi. To give new look to the immense gardens and sumptuous salons and frescoed rooms are artists who for four Wednesdays, from September 10 to October 8, will dialogue with Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Gamec director and curator of the initiative.

The dwellings, among other inhabited by their illustrious owners, can be visited in a walking trail that leads through a pedestrian access from one to another. Three are located in the Upper Town. These are Palace Trussardi, Moroni, Terzi and Agliardi. The origins of the first house in via Osmano, at number 6, dating from the second half of the sixteenth century, designed by Gerolamo Gallinari. Overlooking the fortified walls of the city with terraces and gardens. To embellish the house there are frescoes and decorations of the eighteenth century, as well as stuccos and columns of the last century and a masterpiece, "The forest of love" by Renato Gottuso. Just the comparison between ancient and contemporary, sacred and profane, suggested the brilliant Italo Rota setting up "Cosmologie domestiche".

The architect who restored with Gae Aulenti the museum of modern art at the Pompidou Centre in Paris, gave a strong impression to his vision of art: in the central hall he wanted a modern table kama coming from Triennale, he juxtapose the chair modesty veiled head of  Driade to the table  "origine du monde".

A short distance away is the Palazzo Moroni, under the Fortress, in Via Porta Dipinta, at number 12. Monument to the Baroque, built in the seventeenth century, is a treasure trove of art which preserve, among many others, works by Giovanni Battista Moroni. It is here where the Aldo Cibic’s sustainable ideas have found their space. The project is called "The context and the spirit of things." A series of everyday objects contaminate the environment: from tappety party to jugs and piggy foxy. Sunday, September 21 at 16.30, even children can admire the rooms participating laboratories "The pestiferie" (3 to 9 years, online reservations, cost 5 €).

..... Giovanni Levanti thought big signing the installation of Palazzo Agliardi, in the heart of borough Pignolo, at number 86. Properties of the counts from the mid nineteenth century, the residence was founded three centuries earlier. The rooms are painted, the central hall overlooks the rooftop garden. The artist has created the individualy work on the basis of his thought, inspired by the magnificent palace. In this case, five scenes ranging from "It looks like a cat" to "Strabilità  domestica" ... ....


Tour in Hystoric Huses “a taste for Expo” by DIANA Noris |L’Eco di Bergamo  may. 23, 2014

On Sunday open doors at palaces Agliardi, Moroni and Malpaga Castle. Scheduled guided tours, products “ Km zero” and medieval games.


Usually you glance at a low wall and if the main door is slightly open, you can glimpse the courtyard. But on Sunday, the historic houses  members of ADSI (Italian Historic Houses Association) will be open forvisits, from the garden to the halls. It happens during the "National Days ADSI", in Bergamo in its fourth year, with the objective "to spread a wider knowledge of the historical houses and a greater awareness of the importance of private buildings of historical and artistic importance in the panorama of Italian cultural heritage”, says Alessio Agliardi, adviser of the association, which describes the initiative" as an opportunity to visit houses that are not usually accessible to public. "
Three will open the doors to the public: Palazzo Agliardi and Palazzo Moroni in town and the Castle of Malpaga in Cavernago. The courtyards will be open (free) from 10.30 to 18.30, while the interior will be open for a fee with guided tours. Among the novelty, the organization of side events: the 2014 edition is a testing ground for the visit of Expo 2015. The opening of the historic houses in fact aim to enter in  the of the palimpsest of events organized for the Universal Exhibition.

"In the houses of Bergamo there will be some food producers at zero kilometer - explains Alessio Agliardi- we want to test the initiative to Expo, because we believe that the historic houses are a jewel to be exploited, so we thought about some more initiative. In the case of Palazzo Agliardi, we married the theme of Expo "Feeding the planet, energy for life", with three farms displaying and selling their products, the treasures of art and earth will be so united. One time, and in many cases even now, the proceeds of the farms of the owners of villas and palaces served to keep these dwellings, one must not forget the close connection with the products of the earth. "
With the visit to the homes "will be seen as they were experienced, with the original furniture," says Alessio Agliardi that emphasizes how his family tries to "transmit the story that is passed from these walls, with the exhibition of photos and paintings, discovering spaces of a hidden Bergamo. “It is not to underestimate the artistic and cultural value kept in the houses:" for example Palazzo Moroni, has one of the finest private collection of Bergamo, among all, the painting of the "Cavaliere in Rosa" - explains Agliardi.- Even here there are very interesting paintings, like that of the pupil of Caravaggio, Cecco Boneri".
Among the initiatives at the corollary of the opening, typical medieval games (for adults and children) set up in the moat of the Malpaga Castle, in collaboration with the Association Malus Pagus (free access). Guided tours of the interior are in charge:Palazzo Agliardi (via Pignolo 86) 6 €, Palazzo Moroni (via Porta Painted 12) 8 € interiors and gardens, Castle Malpaga 7 euro (in all the houses reduced cost for children).